About us

Our philosophy


The brand and the story
Bettua was already in mind 25 years ago when I first met my future husband’s family. When Saverio and I got married, I married the story of the whole family. A history of land and work, of hard work and silence, of seeds and fruits, of animals and care.
I was pleasantly struck and intrigued by the fact that, after working so hard for hours, he would come home at the end of the day with a smile on his face.
Enrico, my father-in-law, used to say looking at the olive trees in bloom: “If you love the land, the earth repays you for your hard work and your dedication with its fruits”. He was right: the flavors and aromas of the harvest are so intense that they fill anyone who tastes them with joy.
Over time, my interest in this work has become passion and the desire to share its fruits becomes Bettua.
In Sardinian Campidanese, Bettua means saddlebag: a really useful accessory inside which, in the past, farmers and shephards used to carry the essentials for work, travel and life.


Our work
Ours is a family business with diversified productions. In the olive farm we mainly grow two cultivars: the “Nera di Gonnos” and the “Nera di Villacidro”, appreciated both locally and nationally for the production of excellent quality oil and table olives.
They express flavors and hints of artichoke and herbaceous, perfect and irreplaceable to enhance the food.
Thanks to the pieces of advice and experience handed down by my father-in-law, we begin the olives harvest as early as October in order to preserve their aromatic and phenolic characteristics and grind them every day with cold pressing, to obtain an excellent oil.


Our young people
Bettua is the brand with which I intend to carry forward a project that broadens my interests, which allows us to transform what we produce and share our excellences, our vision and passion, renewing and bringing love to the earth and its fruits through young people.
The new generation, composed of my daughters, Eleonora and Cristiana, will be the evolution of this project. Everyone, each with his own specialization and training, already participate in the agricultural activity and share its objectives.


Between woods and flat lands

You will find us in Gonnosfanadiga, in the south-western part of Sardinia: an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, a land of splendid beaches, crystal clear waters and ancient traditions. The territory is suited to quality olive production thanks to the climate and soil characteristics and the traditional passion of its inhabitants for the cultivation of the olive trees.
Here, our olive trees grow heated by the sun and cooled by the mistral wind for more than 200 days a year, among woods of centennial oaks and sunny flat lands.
In the farm live centuries-old olive trees and new olive groves made with the most modern and innovative planting techniques. Every olive tree is named after a member of our family, for example: the olive grove of Nonna Efisia, of Eleonora, of Cristiana and of uncle Paolo, thus highlighting the belonging to the family.
The Marras family, who boasts a long agricultural tradition, cultivates her lands with passion and has an eye for innovation. We love the environment and we take care of it by adopting agronomic practices that respect the principles of modern agriculture, reducing the the use of chemicals. Moreover the irrigation systems are powered exclusively from renewable sources.