Bettua, two aromas, two flavors.

They enhance every flavor blending it with the taste of different cultivars such as the “Nera di Gonnos”, the “Nera di Villacidro”, “Semidana” and “Bosana” wisely combined for a unique sensory experience, universal harmony of simple things.

Our olive groves, looked after with deep love by our ancestors, are still cultivated with the same passion of that time for the production of excellent table olives and excellent oils.
Savor them as you wish, they will give you pristine olfactory fragrances and intense flavors.

Bettua, give colors to flavors.


Intense by nature, lively by birth.

It has always been used in the family to enhance simple and traditional dishes, for instance the bread on embers, the legumes and grain soup, the artichoke in pinzimonio sauce, on white meat and game, during the preparation of sauces and ragù. An oil that gives off the maximum of its scent, preserving its intense and strong taste, spicy in stops and starts, bitter, until the end of the meal.


Pleasing harmony for the palate, enchantment for the smell

Unique for its refined taste, it is used to cook different kinds of risotto and pureed soups, to intensify seafood dishes and realise fragrant fries.
Iride gently envelopes the most elaborated dishes, sharpening the predominant tastes without altering their essence.